Remember a time when musicians didn’t rely on computers and autotune? A time when backing tracks weren’t the norm? Owlface does. Energetic and raw, they have a sound that falls somewhere in the sonic landscape between Queens of the Stone Age and Soundgarden. Owlface would have been right at home in Seattle circa 1994.

The band garnered some much-deserved recognition last year when Todd Hancock played the single ‘Triceratops’ from their first EP ‘In Spiral Sleep’ on his Toddcast Podcast, calling it “a contender for indie song of the year.” It was that song that caught the attention of producer/engineer Matt Di Pomponio, who mixed their latest EP, ‘Kissing the Ghost’, including the single ‘Roses’.

No strangers to the stage, Vincent Fournier (vocals and guitar) and Devon Forsythe (drums and percussion) have drawn on their punk, metal, prog, psychedelic, and alt rock influences to build a sound that separates them from the generic, glossy, gridded rock that has permeated the scene.

In recent months, amidst writing songs and preparing for the release of their new EP, the band gained killer bassist/vocalist Kendall Wooding — imagine a hybrid of young Debbie Harry and Joan Jett. Oozing talent and style, Wooding is a force to be reckoned with and an awesome addition to the band. If you have the opportunity to take in the threesome’s captivating live show, you will see that their musical talent and chemistry is undeniable.

2018 will see Owlface returning to the studio and tearing up stages across Canada and beyond in support of another new album. In the meantime, look out for their newest EP, ‘Kissing the Ghost’, available on the web and all your favourite media players.

-Alana Worsley